Recruiting centres open in Paris

Six centres are ready to enroll SAID patients in France. The opening of other French centres is foreseen in the coming weeks together with centres in other countries, such as Spain and Slovenia to start with. The real work begins!

The clinical phase of ImmunAID has been launched. A 50-day pilot phase was first started at the AP-HP hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris, just before Christmas. The aim was to check the various protocols and workflows were robust and comprehensive. The custom-made e-CRF was also tested. Over the period, the teams from Pr. Fautrel and Pr. Saadoun already recruited 5 patients.

Already covering a broad range of medical specialties

At the end of January, other centres were opened and today, all AP-HP recruiting sites are up and running. At Kremlin-Bicêtre and Necker hospitals, Pr. Koné-Paut and Pr. Quartier-dit-Maire are specialized in pediatric disorders. At Saint-Louis hospital, Pr. Bouaziz is an expert in dermatological conditions. At Tenon hospital, Dr. Georgin-Lavialle is joining forces with Pr. Saadoun in the field of internal medicine, while Pr. Fautrel deals with rheumatologic diseases.

Recruitment is ready to move into high gear

Other French centres are ready to open as the study is already approved from a regulatory standpoint in the country. Study sites in Lyon, Lille, Montpellier, Nantes, Bordeaux and Strasbourg are in the starting blocks. Regulatory approval was also obtained in Spain, UK and Slovenia; other are already under review in the Netherlands and Italy (?). Overall 37 centres are composing the network of recruiting sites; updates on their status is available on the project website.